DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman Review & Photos

Close-Up of Jason Momoa Aquaman Action Figure Head Mattel

If you’re wondering if there’s anyone out there who’s actually enjoyed all the DC movies that have come out thus far in the DCEU, you can stop wondering: I adore all the movies so far (yes, including BvS and Suicide Squad). And fueled by that enthusiasm, I decided to pick up my first Mattel DC figures in years, including the Steppenwolf Series. I’ll start discussing these 6″ figures and whether or not they’re worth my (and your) money with this Justice League Multiverse Aquaman review…

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Funko Glow Batman v Superman POP Vinyls Review! GITD

GITD Batman Funko POP Vinyls Walmart Exclusive Figure

We’re just two weeks away from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice hitting theaters, and somehow I’ve caught the fever for a movie that I was absolutely certain for months was going to be an abomination. But while I’ve still got my reservations about the film, that hasn’t stopped me from buying a variety of BvS toys over the past week–and my favorites of which are some oddball variant by Funko! It’s the Walmart Exclusive Funko Glow-in-the-Dark Batman v Superman POP Vinyls figures!

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NYCC 2014 Exclusive Funko Star Sapphire Wonder Woman POP Vinyls!

Funko NYCC 2014 Exclusives Star Sapphire Wonder Woman POP Vinyls

New York Comic Con 2014 is bound to have less exclusives and reveals than usual, because 2014 is the first year in quite some time that Mattel isn’t attending New York Comic-Con. That said, great exclusives keep on rolling out for the show, and the latest is a pair of absolute must-haves for Funko DC POP Vinyls collectors! Sporting the unique number of DC Funko Heroes #61, a pair of gorgeous Star Sapphire Wonder Woman POP! Vinyls are coming to New York Comic Con 2014!

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NYCC 2014 Exclusive Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Figure Revealed!

2014 NYCC Exclusves Deathstroke Limited Color Ver. Play Arts Kai Figure

Now that we’re under a month away from New York Comic Con 2014, the NYCC 2014 exclusives are about to be announced fast and furiously! Earlier in the week the 2014 NYCC Exclusive Kotobukiya Nightwing Origins ARTFX+ statue was announced, and now the second major DC Comics exclusive has jointed it! One of the most popular villains in the entire DC Universe (and most well-known in pop culture due to his appearances in Arrow and the Batman Arkham Origins video game) is getting a variant: the NYCC 2014 Exclusive Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Limited Color Version figure has now been revealed!

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NYCC 2014 Exclusive Kotobukiya Nightwing Blue Variant ARTFX+!

NYCC 2014 Exclusive Kotobukiya Nightwing ArtFX+ Statue Variant

New York Comic Con is quickly becoming the place to be for exclusive Nightwing collectibles! Last year, two of the hottest NYCC 2013 Exclusives around were the pair of New 52 Funko Nightwing POP! Vinyls figures in Nightwing’s modern red and black costume.

This year, Kotobukiya is turning back the clock and giving the spotlight to the pre-New 52 Nightwing, as the Kotobukiya Nightwing Blue Variant ARTFX+ statue will be a NYCC 2014 exclusive!

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Funko Batman Arkham Asylum POP Vinyls Up for Order!

Funko Killer Croc POP Vinyl Figure Arkham Asylum

Although the majority of DC Comics’ iconic villains are Batman villains, most of these beloved (or reviled) characters haven’t made their way into the expansive DC Funko POP Vinyls lineup–until now!

Funko has put a quintet of Batman Arkham Asylum POP! Vinyl figures to be released this November up for order, and two of the five are villains Funko has never tackled before: the Funko Killer Croc and Posion Ivy POP! Vinyls!

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DC Collectibles Red Hood Red Arrow Starfire Announced & Photos!

DC Collectibles Starfire Action Figure New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws

While we’re still in the first month of 2014, DC Collectibles has already moved on to soliciting their first offerings for the second half of 2014! DC Collectibles has been expanding their New 52 figures beyond the Justice League over the course of the last year, and in July 2014 they’ll be tackling the entirety of a fan-favorite niche group! Coming this summer–DC Collectibles Red & The Outlaws Starfire, Red Arrow and Red Hood action figures are now up for order!

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Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo DC Comics Statue Revealed!

Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo Statue 2014 Concept Illustration Artwork

Though Kotobukiya will be holding their official panel at New York Comic Con 2013 this afternoon, they decided to jump the gun a little bit and tease DC collectors with an illustration of an all-new DC Comics Bishoujo statue before the show has a chance to begin!

The princess of the Teen Titans is coming in 2014–the Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo Statue!

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NYCC 2013: DC Collectibles Earth-2 New 52 Figures Revealed!

DC Collectibles Batman Earth 2 Action Figure

Along with the surprising announcement of producing figures based on the Justice League: War animated film, DC Collectibles has also divulged that we’ll be seeing an all-new sub-series of DC Comics New 52 action figures for the very first time at this week’s 2013 New York Comic Con, and it’s definitely not one of the branches of the New 52 I was expecting DC Collectibles to venture into. Coming to NYCC 2013: the DC Collectibles Earth-2 figure line!

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NYCC 2013: DC Collectibles Justice League War Figures Debut!

DC Collectibles Justice League War Shazam Figure

New York Comic Con 2013 hasn’t even officially begun yet, but already companies are vying for a slice of the attention and publicity that the second-largest comic book convention in the United States can bring!

Thus, even though their panel won’t be until Friday morning, DC Collectibles has already sent out photos unveiling some of their big reveals for the event–including an all-new series of DC Collectibles Justice League: War figures!

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