DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman Review & Photos

If you’re wondering if there’s anyone out there who’s actually enjoyed all the DC movies that have come out thus far in the DCEU, you can stop wondering: I adore all the movies so far (yes, including BvS and Suicide Squad). And fueled by that enthusiasm, I decided to pick up my first Mattel DC figures in years, including the Steppenwolf Series. I’ll start discussing these 6″ figures and whether or not they’re worth my (and your) money with this Justice League Multiverse Aquaman review…

DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman Review
The Right:

There’s been plenty of controversial choices made thus far in the DC movies universe, and this new Aquaman is definitely one of them. Personally, I’m mildly intrigued by the idea of a combat-loving warrior king, so this was one of the first DC Multiverse Justice League figures that I ordered.

I’ve been pretty cold on the Mattel DC movie figures since last year’s Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad figures looked awful, but when I got Aquaman in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised…

Close-Up of Jason Momoa Aquaman Action Figure Head MattelAs soon as I saw this figure, I was impressed. Why? Because unlike some of their previous 6″ figure efforts based off of live-action, I think Mattel really nailed the Jason Momoa likeness on this figure.

Justice League Aquaman Multiverse 6" FigureWhile even the mighty Marvel Legends brand often faulters with its movie actor portraits, the Jason Momoa Aquaman head on this figure looks dead-on to me, with exceptional paint deco on the face and hair/beard. Mattel even got the “slashed” eyebrow correct!

This look for Aquaman reminds me a lot of Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movies, which is a huge plus in my book. Your tolerance for those movies may vary.

Multiverse Aquaman Justice League 6" Figure Close-UpThe body armor on this 6″ Aquaman figure is also outstanding. This is clearly a unique mold that Mattel won’t ever be able to use for a different character, so I’m pleased to see how much texture is on the armor and how gorgeous the gold paint applications on the green armor are. Whatever fault this figure may have, this is a very pretty figure.

Justice League Multiverse Aquaman 6" FigureThe Wrong:

Let’s jump straight to the biggest “Wrong” about this figure. I’m not going to sugarcoat this: the articulation on this Aquaman 6″‘figure? It sucks.

While it’s true that I’m spoiled by Marvel Legends’ super-articulation scheme, the articulation in this Justice League Multiverse figures series is almost laughable in comparison.

No upper torso ab crunch, no ankle rockers (a huge deal to many collectors), no swivel calves or thighs, no double-jointed knees or elbows… heck, there’s not even ball-hinge wrists (they only swivel)! This feel like a figure from 2005–not 2017.

Multiverse Aquaman Justice League Figure Back MattelFurther limiting the posing potential of this figure is the fact that he has one grasping hand, one fist… and that’s it. Want Aquaman to hold his trident with a two-handed grip? Too bad–you’re out of luck! A truly bizarre choice for this figure.

DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman PackagedAnd speaking of Aquaman’s trident: while the plastic quality is good enough that the figure’s sole accessory isn’t bending/warping straight out of the package, I’m having a hard time believing the King of Atlantis would be wielding this plain grey plastic-looking trisent with no other colors or decorations on it whatsoever. It just looks cheap, and that’s too bad for a $20 figure’s one accessory.

Mattel Aquaman Movie Figure and Accessories 2017 Justice LeagueBut wait–there’s more! Not only does DC Multiverse Aquaman have a swivel right hand to hold the trident with, but the wrist joint on mine is so weak that the wrist just flops around on its own, twirling the trident often when I move the figure around.

Considering holding that trident is this figure’s only genuine cool pose (and the trident is the only accessory Arthur gets besides a Steppenwolf Build-A-Figure leg), it’s pretty infuriating that Khal Drogo Aquaman can’t hold the dang thing steady consistently.

Review DC Multiverse Aquaman Action FigureOverall: I’m scoring this Justice League Aquaman Multiverse figure with a ‘B’, but even that may be overly generous. The copious amounts of missing articulation, lack of any interchangeable hands and unpainted plastic trident all drag down what looks at a glance like a very nice figure. The sculpt and paint–and even the likeness–are all some of Mattel’s best work in this line, but those used to the high bar set by Hasbro Marvel Legends are likely to be very disappointed with this 6″ Aquaman Justice League figure. He may be worth his $20 MSRP–but if he is, it’s just barely.


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