DC Toys Review Index

This page is the index for all my present and past DC Toys, Collectibles, and Action Figure Reviews. The pre-2013 reviews contained herein are from my first blog, Toy Review Daily. All future reviews of DC figures and collectibles will be posted here on DC Toy news.

DC Miscellaneous Reviews
Arkham City Nightwing Batman Legacy Wave 3 (4/5/2012)
Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Alfred Pennyworth (5/31/2012)
Robin Batman: Arkham City Action Figure (1/27/2012)
Young Justice 6″ Kid Flash Action Figure (5/3/2012)

DC Universe Classics Reviews
Dove Wave 20 (1/14/2012)
Green Arrow Hooded Wave 20 (1/21/2012)
Green Lantern Metallic Hal Jordan Wave 20 (1/15/2012)
Hawk Wave 20 (1/19/2012)
Nekron Build-A-Figure Wave 20 (2/16/2012)
Red Arrow Wave 20 (1/16/2012)
Reverse Flash Wave 20 (1/22/2012)
Sinestro Corps Sinestro Wave 20 (1/17/2012)
White Lantern Flash Wave 20 (1/13/2012)

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