Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo DC Comics Statue Revealed!

Though Kotobukiya will be holding their official panel at New York Comic Con 2013 this afternoon, they decided to jump the gun a little bit and tease DC collectors with an illustration of an all-new DC Comics Bishoujo statue before the show has a chance to begin! The princess of the Teen Titans is coming in 2014–the Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo Statue!

Kotobukiya Starfire Bishoujo Statue 2014 Concept Illustration Artwork

Oy. Kotobukiya can do some amazing work and I love them to death for it–but I honestly hate the DC Bishoujo statues line. Many of these Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues come off as just way too chauvinistic and demeaning to women for my tastes, and this newest upcoming addition to the line takes those feelings to new heights. I know that Starfire’s attitudes, history and costume all lend themselves extremely well to the Kotobukiya DC Bishoujo statue style, but this statue leaves me feeling plum uncomfortable.

Behold! The extremely scantily-clad alien princess, Starfire, mounted riding atop an extremely phallic protruding rock stand! No, seriously. I know that Starfire is one of the most overly-sexualized female characters in all of comics (which led to quite a bit of controversy during the launch of “Red Hood and the Outlaws” as part of the DC New 52), but this is just way over the top, in my opinion. In a way, I almost feel like taking Starfire this far is almost “too easy”, making this design look really, really silly.

DC Comics New 52 Starfire Comic Book ImageThe DC Comics Bishoujo Starfire Statue has not yet been confirmed as a future release by Kotobukiya, but Kotobukiya wouldn’t have shown this Starfire illustration by¬†Shunya Yamashita if they weren’t planning on producing the piece in 2014. I expect the Bishoujo Starfire to be officially announced at New York Comic Con 2013 this weekend. I’ll post an update with any additional information regarding this Kotobukiya Starfire statue as further details regarding it at NYCC 2013 or later events.

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