NYCC 2013: DC Collectibles Justice League War Figures Debut!

New York Comic Con 2013 hasn’t even officially begun yet, but already companies are vying for a slice of the attention and publicity that the second-largest comic book convention in the United States can bring! Thus, even though their panel won’t be until Friday morning, DC Collectibles has already sent out photos unveiling some of their big reveals for the event–including an all-new series of DC Collectibles Justice League: War figures!

DC Collectibles Justice League War Shazam Figure

With Mattel massively cutting back on their six inch DC figures left year, that’s left a bit of a gap for DC action figures–a gap that DC Collectibles appears to be ready, willing and able to fill! In 2014, DC Collectibles will be undertaking the task of making figures for a DC animated film, something that hasn’t happened in little while.

The “Justice League: War” animated film will be bringing the DC Comics New 52 designs to screens in an animated (yet slightly different) form, and DC Collectibles will be capturing some of the most important characters from the movie as 6″ action figures next year!

DC Collectibles The Flash Justice League War FigureAt this time, there are six figures scheduled for release within the DC Collectibles Justice League War six inch action figure line:

  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Shazam!

Justice League War Green Lantern Figure DC CollectiblesFour of those five choices are a quartet of some of the most integral, popular superheroes in the entire DC Comics Universe. The fifth, Shazam, seems a bit out of place. Could the exclusion of Batman from this assortment be a hint that there will be a second series of Justice League War DC Collectibles figures…? Could be! We’ll have to wait and see.

Superman Justice League War Action Figure DC CollectiblesThe weakest figure in this series is probably the Justice League: War Superman figure, unfortunately. Superman’s body looks okay, but I feel like his head sculpt looks a lot sillier than those of the other Justice League War figures. It almost looks like Superman has the head of a kid from some web comic! I’m really not a fan, but if that’s how Superman is depicted throughout the Justice League: War movie, I’ll learn to cope with it.

Justice League War Wonder Woman DC Collectibles 6 Inch Action FigureDC Collectibles will officially be showing off these figures at the NYCC 2013 DC Collectibles panel, which will take place Friday morning, October 11th at the 2013 New York Comic Con. We should get the official release date and other details about these (and perhaps further!) Justice League: War 6″ action figures at the official panel on Friday. I’ll post an update once the 2013 NYCC concludes.

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