NYCC 2014 Exclusive Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Figure Revealed!

Now that we’re under a month away from New York Comic Con 2014, the NYCC 2014 exclusives are about to be announced fast and furiously! Earlier in the week the 2014 NYCC Exclusive Kotobukiya Nightwing Origins ARTFX+ statue was announced, and now the second major DC Comics exclusive has jointed it! One of the most popular villains in the entire DC Universe (and most well-known in pop culture due to his appearances in Arrow and the Batman Arkham Origins video game) is getting a variant: the NYCC 2014 Exclusive Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Limited Color Version figure has now been revealed!

2014 NYCC Exclusves Deathstroke Limited Color Ver. Play Arts Kai Figure

Until I read the DC Identity Crisis mini-series a decade ago, I had only the vaguest notion of who Deathstroke even was. After seeing Deathstroke singly-handedly thrash the entire Justice League in Identity Crisis #2, however, I was basically sold on on the character forever.

Since the launch of the New 52, Deathstroke’s star has really risen with appearances on TV, in video games, and his own solo comic book series. Deathstroke is one of DC Comics’ hottest characters, making the time right for him to get his first-ever major convention exclusive release!

Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Black Gold Limited Color Ver. Figure ExclusiveSquare-Enix must think so too, because they’ve just announced that their New York Comic Con 2014 exclusive figure will be this Arkham Origins Deathstroke Limited Color Version figure. While this figure is a 100% repaint of the excellent Play Arts Kai Deathstroke figure that came out earlier this year, this time Deathstroke is outfitted in slick metallic black and gold paint.

The color scheme isn’t specific to any one source, but at times Deathstroke has worn costumes reminiscent of these colors both in the comics and on the Arrow TV series. And let’s face it–while this isn’t the most canonically-accurate Deathstroke figure ever, it still looks cool as hell.

Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke NYCC 2014 Exclusive AccessoriesAs this Deathstroke figure is just a repaint of the standard Play Arts Kai Deathstroke figure, he includes all of the same accessories as the normal version of the figure (including alternate hands, a pistol, a rifle, a bo staff and a sword).

NYCC 2014 Exclusive Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Figure BackThis Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Limited Color Ver. figure is limited to a total of 1,000 pieces produced. Half the edition size (500 pieces) will be available exclusively at the 2014 New York Comic Con, while the other 500 pieces are now available for purchase directly through the North American Square-Enix website.

The shipping is a cheap $6.99 to anywhere in the United States, so even those attending the con in-person in New York City next month might benefit from skipping the insane lines at the show (and avoid paying tax!) by just ordering the Limited Deathstroke NYCC 2014 Exclusive figure online while he’s available (which won’t be long!).

Limited Color Version Deathstroke Play Arts Kai Exclusive NYCC 2014I’ll continue to post updates as more DC-related New York Comic Con 2014 exclusives are announced, and you can ‘Like’ DC Toy News on Facebook to have news, photos and alerts sent right to your Facebook Newsfeed.

How do you like Square-Enix’s contribution to the growing list of NYCC 2014 exclusives, DC collectors? Will this special gold and black version of Deathstroke be on your must-buy list for New York Comic Con, or are you content with the standard orange and blue Deathstroke Play Arts Kai figure that was already released?

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