DC Collectibles Arkham City Two-Face Figure Revealed!

Arkham City Two Face Action Figure DC Collectibles

With the Batman Arkham Origins video game ready to ship out in just a few weeks, many DC collectors had given up on ever completing their roster of Batman Arkham City villains in action figure form. But out of nowhere, DC Collectibles has swooped in to the rescue, confirming that there are more DC Collectible Arkham City figures scheduled for release in 2014!

And the first release is probably the biggest name left: the Arkham City Two-Face figure…

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Sideshow Sinestro Premium Format Figure Photos & Order Info!

Sideshow Sinestro Premium Format Figure Statue Revealed

If you asked me who my favorite villain in the DC Comics universe is, my answer would be definite and instantaneous: Sinestro. I’m not always a villains guy, but “the greatest Green Lantern ever” Sinestro holds my sympathies, despite his good name being tarnished by that nasty Hal Jordan (forgive me, I hate Hal). I admit unashamedly that I giggled like a little school girl when Sideshow Collectibles posted their first teaser photo of the Sinestro Premium Format Figure statue back in April 2013, and now Sinestro is finally up for order!

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Kotobukiya Superman Man of Steel ARTFX Statue Released!

Kotobukiya Man of Steel Superman Statue Box Released ARTFX+ 2013

“Man of Steel” didn’t reach the heights of popularity that “Iron Man 3” did in theaters, but it still did encouragingly well for a modern-day Superman movie! As there weren’t a ton of memorable characters in the film, we didn’t get a mountain of Man of Steel merchandise in time for the movie. But with the “Man of Steel” DVD/Blu-Ray release looming, collectibles companies have another chance to capitalize: the Kotobukiya Superman Man of Steel ARTFX statue has now been released and is available for order!

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Kingdom Come Superman Funko POP! Vinyl Exclusive Released!

Funko Kingdom Come Superman POP Vinyl Exclusive Released

Although he stands next to Batman and Spider-Man as one of the three most popular comic book superheroes in the world, Superman has received relatively few entries in the Funko POP! Vinyls line of vinyl collectible figures. But with this year being Superman’s 75th Anniversary and the popular “Man of Steel” movie having been in theaters this summer, that trend is at an end! And the latest Superman vinyl figure has just been released–it’s the exclusive Funko Kingdom Come Superman POP! Vinyl figure!

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